Let me welcome you!

I am a marketing professional who identifies efficiencies and automates processes to save time and money which enables people to do more! I’m passionate about creating elevated engaging materials to educate and guide the end-user through interactive experiences.

My mission

Choosing to be honest and optimistic while accepting life’s challenges as opportunities for development and betterment as I encourage, empower & collaborate with others.

What people say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I think the highest compliment I could give is that your absence during maternity leave was extremely noticeable! You bring a strong sense of leadership and positive energy to your group. It has been interesting to watch you grow (learning CRE and supervising a team) and the resulting impact you have made to C&W, You have excelled at becoming visible, and eventually indispensable, to the broker community… Your team is now thriving and reaching new levels of accomplishments.”

Christie Veldhuizen | VP Operations/Designated Broker

“I have had the pleasure of working with Victoria for the last three years here at Cushman. She brings so much energy and positivity to the work place. Since becoming my manger in February 2018, I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day and being part of such a dynamic team. With her leadership, I clearly know the direction and goals of our marketing team and feel that I am a part of the process.”

Kelli Ruziska | Graphic Design Manager

“Our team has worked with Victoria Richardson for two years. Victoria always goes above and beyond to produce high-quality marketing materials for our team in a timely manner. Thanks to her effort and commitment to excellence our team has continued to gain market share in the commercial real estate market. Victoria is a winner and has a terrific attitude at all times.”

Mike Haenel | Executive Managing Director

“Our team is an agency leasing team that requires a great deal of collateral marketing materials to effectively promote our listings. This includes brochures, fact sheets, banners, boards, open house events, and the like. Every property requires specific branding and marketing themes in order to effectively position it within the market. Victoria and her team of graphics, communications and printing are crucial to making that happen. They bring creative ideas and materials to the table which has helped C&W to be the clear market leader in the Phoenix area. With their in-house presence, we are able to respond quickly to our clients timing demands. Our clients are impressed and our competitors are envious of our in-house capabilities.”

Mike Beall | Executive Managing Director

“Victoria is great to work with. She is outgoing and friendly, and has been very helpful to me as a new hire as far as learning the ropes. She has set clear goals for the marketing department and is actively working towards reaching them to make our department even better.”

Rebecca Latham | Graphic Designer

“I have been at Cushman & Wakefield for a total of three years and under Victoria’s guidance for the past two. Since her on-boarding, and taking over the marketing department, she has implemented a strong project management system and collaboration across specialties and service lines. As a manager, she has helped further my abilities and, with her support, I have really grown within my career! Victoria’s willingness to push the boundaries and advocate for her employees doesn’t go unnoticed, along with her out-of-the box mentality and creative energy!”

Jenny Disbrow | PR & Communications Specialist