Hello and let me welcome you! My name is Victoria Richardson (formerly Starkey). I am a marketing professional that takes projects from ideation & strategy through implementation while meeting deadlines and making a positive impact. I invite you to explore my website to find more information about my experience as well as my resumeletters of recommendation, portfolio and why I chose the name “Simply Starkey.

At my core, I am process-oriented with an inquisitive nature and a strong moral compass. I am a do-er. I dig in, get my hands dirty and have an unwavering need to understand the full picture before presenting solutions. I identify opportunities, create strategies and implement resolutions that drive efficiencies. I frequently ask, “how can this be done better?”

Five things you need to know about me:

  1. I thrive in a collaborative environment
  2. I believe that everything should have a purpose
  3. I am incredibly resourceful, passionate and dependable
  4. I believe in leaving everything in a better condition than when I found it
  5. I own the responsibility for myself, for my work and for my life

BONUS! I know how to use the oxford comma, but I don’t use it in my personal life (or on my website)… just in case you’re silently judging my grammar. 😉

My life mission statement
Choosing to be honest and optimistic while accepting life’s challenges as opportunities for development and betterment as I encourage, empower & collaborate with others.

I am hardwired to believe that you are where you are meant to be and everything (and I mean everything) happens for a reason. Life is full of little lessons and opportunities so pay close attention, otherwise you’ll be forced to learn the same lesson over… and over… and over again. Whenever I can, I introspectively analyze the situation to make sure I absorb the message and implement change… it’s worked out so far!